I shift realities. The gateway experience. I'm going to go home to my separate reality, leave this one behind. Disappointing, is what it is. To know you have the power but it's always just out of reach. Leave me alone to wallow while I wait. But I will be going home. Where is home, you might ask? Everywhere. Well, not really. Anywhere but here. This reality is just so... depressing. My first home is going to be Marvel. When home stops feeling like home, I'll go to a modified version of here, where everything is... better. And the cycle will continue forever. This is because your consciousness never dies, it's not attached to this body or the next, but instead it picks and chooses the realities and places you are conscious of, always. People tell you to be grateful of this reality before you attempt to shift, in an effort that you don't respawn. I'm not grateful of this reality, nor for anything it has brought. Well... maybe that's a lie. I am grateful its shown me reality shifting, and given me the home choices of Hogwarts, SHIELD, the Shire, hell I would settle for Freddy Fazbears Pizza fricken ria. But I am not grateful for this reality. Don't listen to TikTok, don't listen to Amino, don't listen to anyone. Except me. Shift home. Pick a place. Write a small note. Put it under your pillow. Go to bed with the intention of waking up in your desired reality. In your home. You don't need anything else. You'll be home in due time. Just like me. Until then, I'll see you in the next reality.

2 years ago

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