I am in a relationship that has become increasingly difficult to cope with. I moved to Romania in August 2020 after selling my house in UK . Arguments happen but have got progressively worse and accusations of infidelity have become increasingly part of the argument. I get accused of looking at other women even when we go grocery shopping. I can't even say good morning to neighbours without some concocted reason that I may be attracted to her! I live with her in Romania and have spent Considerable amounts of money in the house and even purchased a car for her I have on many occasions been told to leave, but I have nowhere to go as this relocation was to be a new start for me I have never been so unhappy and insecure as I am at the moment and have to be the target of threats and accusations with the inability to respond so I just seem to be the target for anything she cares to throw at me. I class myself as a fairly strong person but this is wearing me down and making me feel depressed with no real solution in sight

2 years ago

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