I think something is wrong with me I come up with brutal scenarios of killing people I know and animals I don't have to be mad at anyone either I just feel like I WANT TO HURT SOMBODY AND BRUTALY. When people are upset they want to kill themselves or hurt I want to slice open somebodys stomach pull all the internal organs out and cut those open and turn them inside out and then shove them back in. I want to torture, burn drown, slice and stab anything that I see I dont think I should be out in the world im afraid I may hurt someone and this time it wont be an animal. I want to hurt every single young child I see by strangling them and cutting them up my mom says " She is just pretending because of the tv she watches with her dad" I watch a lot of death and brutal shows but I come up with stuff that would just disturb you. Please help me take all my rage on something or just tell me how to fix it. Thanks

2 years ago

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