Sometimes I question if people truly even believe my story. My truth, my perspective, my feelings, the way it is affecting my health. Im a women that is exhausted, overwhelmed, alone to deal with someone that has the mindset to be more in control of me. Praying on my sanity. Never takes responsibility of his actions toward me. He is very hipacrital blames me for things he is clearly doing too. It's ways okay for him. I have never met someone that likes to scream and argue as much has him and his does. His family has been around so much abuse that they don't realize it is being passed on to them too. The name calling and belittling me every chance he gets. His mom tells me she is mutual but she is not is always him that gets away with it. He could be yelling and then I yell back. She we will tell me to quit raising my voice what about him your standing right next to him. He always says I am abusing him to make him look like he is the victim. When he has hurt me and no one believed me. No believes me when I'm mentally hurting and then if fall he tell me I'm faking it. That I lie all time. Theses are what he likes to say you're action like a bitch, you're a liar, and I'm abusive. It's his go to line when he is pissed. I noticed all this wasn't right when we got together. I'm going to you I'm stuck.

2 years ago

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