A few months ago I transferred to this new school. After just about a week there I had already gained my first crush, his name is Drake but me and my friends like to call him tea boy. Why? Because a few times in study hall he would make me and a few other people in the study hall tea and istg. I thought it was so cute how he would go through the effort of making tea for others. Also we both have a common love for anime so that was a plus. But everyday I wake up looking forward to being able to get the chance to at least say hi to him in the halls. Whenever we’re walking the same way he’ll take time out of his day to talk to me, he could have kept it dead silent between the two of us but he strikes up conversation with me and it makes me feel appreciated. I’m just so mad because I want him to like me back and I’m still holding onto hope that he does but I think he might like one of my friends. It crushes me to see him get along with my friend so well while I’m in the background waiting for him to notice me. Part of me really hopes somehow he finds this and reads it. If you somehow are reading, I’m not going to reveal my name, all I’m going to say is that I’m in your D&D club…that narrows it down to 5 people. Good luck, tea boy.

2 years ago

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