So I'm fifteen, and I'm sure the obvious thing that comes to your head is "Oh, vaping, sex, boyfriends, acting like they're 20 instead of 15". I'm none of that. I don't do drugs, or drink, or vape. Hell, how the hell am I supposed to have a boyfriend if I barely have any friends? In my house, I'm the least trusted one. Funny, right? The worst I've done is swear, or lie over petty things like "no, I didn't eat the last cookie." But lately, they've been making the dumbest excuses to trust me less and less. My cousin was sleeping over for a few days, and she is what you would call out of control. But that's not the point. She was doing online school with me in my room, and she was on her phone DURING HER BREAK. My dad comes in, I'm doing my work (and mind you my phone is on the table, haven't thought of it since class started.) But he saw my cousin on hers. He refused to understand that she wasn't in class, so he took it and said she would get it back at the end of class. And he took mine too. Made no sense, but I didn't think much of it. I just assumed it was because he couldn't take hers without taking mine. End of class rolls by, and by then he left for work. We get our phones, and after an hour or so I call my mom to see if she was on her way home from work. Right off the bat, she's yelling at me. "How are you on your phone? Did he give it to you himself? He was right all you think about is your phone. Spoiled." I was in shock. I tried telling her class was done for like an hour, but she refused to believe me. She kept saying I took it right when my dad left. I'm not like that, so it hurt that my mom automatically accused me of this bs. So fast forward to later, my moms taking me to my school to pick up some textbooks. She goes on, lecturing me about this. And here's the best part (Oh, it's SOOO amazing.) Then, she asks- no- DEMANDS me to open my call history. I was confused, because I barely talk to people on my phone. Just my parents, and facetime with like three of my friends. Then, she sees this number that starts with 705. of course, I didn't know who this was. I assumed it was either a spam call, or someone calling for the person who had this number before me. (A girl named Bianca) She demands to know who it was. She sounded crazy, because everyone gets spam calls. I told her I didn't know, but she didn't believe me. She said my dad saw it when he took my phone. But here's the thing. My dad took my phone at 12pm. The call was from 10am. Which meant he looked through my phone. (The notification wasn't on the lock screen because I swiped it off - didn't think much of it) It hurt that he took my phone for no reason, but then he LOOKED THROUGH IT for no reason. She still didn't believe me, so she called the voicemail thingy, because the number had left one. She looked so embarrassed when she heard the vm. "Hello. This is an important message for Bianca __________." I was furious at this point. My parents don't trust me, for no reason. Then, she just goes on about how my dad was complaining how the two of us were on our phones all day and not listening to the teacher. Hold up.. back up. Lies. Complete lies. So, my mistake was that I said that was a lie. Yea, bad choice of words, but it WAS a lie. So she got even angrier for me calling my father a liar. And she got even MORE mad, and said from now on I'm not allowed to have my phone with me in my room during class. I could check in the morning and have it after school, but not allowed in my room during class. I got annoyed, because it was the fact that she didn't trust me. I said that was really unnecessary, because there was no point in me having a phone if I wasn't able to use it. (after school, I'm pretty busy so I wouldn't be able to do much) She knows I'm right, but she says that if I argue any further, I wouldn't be able to have it all week, only on Friday's and weekends. Complete bullshit. And the thing is.... that's how it's been since I got an iPod.... and until seventh grade. I'm still not allowed to leave my phone in my room overnight (again, for no reason, because I for one LOVE sleep, and I don't use it at night.) So I had just gained SOME freedom (not a lot, but some) and she was threatening to take it away for no reason. So when my cousin went home and I was alone, I broke down. It hurts that I literally cant trust my frigging PARENTS. People always say they love my parents cause they're so laid back and cool and fun. Yea, maybe with you. Definitely not with me. I can't do anything. This was yesterday. I'm still here in my room, crying. I hate not being able to live. How am I supposed to trust them, when they can't trust me? Respect goes both ways. I shouldn't have to respect you, only cuz ur my parent. I deserve respect and privacy too.

2 years ago

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