Madeline Kahn and Hunter Biden, both having just smoked some crack, are stumbling down the road (and causing a traffic jam) when they hear moaning. They go closer to investigate-- the moaning is coming from Bill Cosby's house-- when they look through the window, they see Kamala Harris in the living room sucking on Cosby's dick. Madeline and Hunter want in on it, so they knock on the door. When Kamala runs over to let them in, Madeline pulls off her bikini and Hunter drops his pants to reveal a huge dick. They are invited in, and Bill sucks on Kamala's pussy while getting his anus pounded by Hunter, and Madeline is touching the VP's meagre breasts. Then she sees a huge dick sticking through a conveniently-placed glory hole. She backs her vagina up to the wall and her love slot is totally slammed. She creams all over the mysterious dick, then it retreats back through the hole. Madeline does not know whose dick it was, but that question is quickly answered when AOC walks in with a sly smile on her face. She is joined by Mel Brooks, who is holding a large video camera. He begins to film AOC and Madeline eating each other out, then shifts the camera to the 3-way going on between Kamala, Bill, and Hunter. Soon everyone is totally covered in cum. They take the film and upload it to all the porn sites. Soon they are millionaires and are all nominated for the porn awards. Some of them even win. Madeline decides that her old career was going nowhere (and it certainly was), and becomes a full-time porn star.

1 year ago

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