Hi I’m LN and I was abused by my mom my dad was a drinker and my mom did drugs. She punch me slap me hit me with items. My dad personally didn’t care but I know he didn’t like it he cheated on my mom 5 times I saw him fucking a women when I went to get my teeth fixed he now has a girlfriend and a Baby with her. My mom also now has a baby with “Tony” he’s a good guy actually. I found my self Having Problems I think a lot such as “suicide” Self harm, The future is on my mind everyday, love, Murder, Reality, just lots. My gender I can’t really pick my future self is a man but now is a boy or girl I love feminine things but love the idea as a man. Love, love is weird I like my own cousin I grew up with though it’s OKAY they make it seem wrong but there not my sister right? And my Bestfriend I had for 4years. My thoughts are intrusive I cut my thighs 3 times today JULY 19 2021 I cut my arm on purpose with scissors I said it was by accident. Really no one notices till it’s to late. This might be my last year of my life though I loved my life just not myself.

1 year ago

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