I have terrible social anxiety and am very self conscious about my looks, I'm female, 5'3 and around 120 lbs and I have a long face, a large nose and ears, a lot of freckles and dull grey blue eyes and dirty blond, almost brown hair, and whatever you're imagining with that description, I can tell you that I look a lot worse than you think. I can't really grace my terrible looks with a description. I got called "pig-face" by a friend's sister and she's a young kid so she is going to be brutally honest. I wear sweatshirts to cover up my terrible figure and I liked the masks for covid because they hid my face. I lay in my bed all day doing nothing because I hate being trapped in this horrible and ugly sack of flesh. I haven't gotten up out of bed today and every time I eat I feel so, very guilty. I just want to be pretty so I can get up and get out without thinking of getting up and going from whatever social situation my family forces me to be in. I'm sorry if this is long but thank you for reading my little rant. I have nobody else to talk to about it and this has proven to be a sort of therapy for me.

1 year ago

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