idk why i’m thinking abt this but i can’t stop thinking abt it for days. have cut a few times one bad. idk i can’t hands this abt 13 years ago i met a guy online. we only knew each other for a few iweeks but had an intense relationship we talked every day he told me he loved me over and over and over. how amazing i was and i ofc reciprocated even tho he didn’t like it and didn’t like talking abt himself he killed himself while talking to me. wouldn’t tell me where he was, nothijng. just an hr of him saying h loves me hell be gone for a long time but hell see me again. he wanted me to be happy after he stopped responding like 5 adults on the site messaged me bout him, begging me to tell them where he is but i didnt know where he wouldnt tell me. i couldn’t save him. i wasn’t enough to save him. i killed him bc im not good enough

1 year ago

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