this is for the gamers. Game 1: H Game 2: K I one day decided to trade my H account for a K account and was able to find someone to do the trade! Months later, I wanted to trade my K account for a better K account, but got scammed and couldnt retrieve the account, leaving me with nothing. I didnt do anything about it for a while, but lately ive been thinking, "if i contact H's customer support, they will be able to give me the account because im the original owner." But the thing is, the current owner of the H account has nothing to do with me getting my K account scammed and is probably happy to have my, now their, H account. But I was so upset getting my account scammed that i ended up contact H's customer support and i am in the process of retrieving the account. But I feel so bad about it because its my fault i decided to trade in the first place. But life isnt fair right? You should never trade accounts in case you get scammed. So its a lesson for both me and the first person i traded accounts with to learn. But it makes me feel awful. I feel bad karma coming towards me. what do i do..?

1 year ago

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