Hey, so I have been felling a bit depressed recently, I kinda need someone to make me feel better. I been doing some naughty shit but all my mate ditched me cuz I fucked all of them and now they think I was playing with them. The only one I was playing with was myself! I have the nicest pussy out there (if i do say so myself). So I started going out and just fucking anyone, most people were happy to but then this one guy i met and he fucked me so hard and good I fucked him all day. He slipped his fingers in my ass and I orgasmed so much. I will tell u in detail now. Here it is: I was sitting across from him in a red lace bra and g-string. He was looking at me like nobody had ever looked at me before. Then he walked slowly up to me and touched my tits, very slowly. The he suddenly grabbed them and ripped the bra and started furiously sucking them. I fell on the bed moaning in pleasure. Then he ripped my g-string away and slipped his fingers in side me. He started rocking my body. I squirted all my juices onto him and he licked them up eagerly. I pulled his pants away as he licked my pussy. His tounge pushed around my vagina, deeper and deeper, I was going to orgasm. Then just before I hit it he pulled away. The insides of my thighs were screaming for his dick. He completely pulled down his pants and then gently slid his hard errection along my body. He tickled my tits and then jammed his dick in my body. He bit on my nipples a the same time. I orgasmed when he hit my g spot. I moaned in his ear but he didn't reply. he only fucked me harder and harder. Then, when i thought this couldn't get better, a young girl walked in. He stared hungrily at her and then fucked her harder than he did me. I could the cum that I forced out of him drip slowly into her mouth. I was so jealous because he didn't even look at me the rest of the night. my whole boy was deflated and all i wanted was to fucking again and again, but hen he and his new girl left to a different room and left me by myself. I could hear their moaning and felt so mad that I did something horrible. I killed the girl! Slowly, cutting her up, piece by piece. First her tits, her round perfect tits, then her pussy. Slowly, as the man how was the best fucker in the world stood chained to a pole. Then, after she had died, i told him he could fuck me harder and better than anyone he had ever fucked before, or I would kill him the way I did her. He said he wouldn't fuck me again in a million years. So then i raped his, I raped him as her was chained helplessly to the pole. After, I cut of his dick and stuck it in front of his face. Then I let him slowly bleed to death, and all he could see has he died was his own ,not quite as perfect as before, dick. And that was all a lie. Did you cum? I hope you did. Cuz that means i succeeded. Plz dont be mad, I know you enjoyed it. YOUR WELCOME!

2 years ago

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