I've never been faithful to my wife. We have a daughter, we both have decent jobs. We rarely have sex, though. It's always been this way. I'm also bi, swinging toward gay. I've been getting blowjobs from men since college. I also fuck men now and then. I'm masculine, muscular, pretty big dick, and I've always loved sex - probably too much. Now I'm in trouble (maybe). There used to be a guy I fucked regularly who traveled to my city for work, and always had a hotel room. He was very much into getting fucked anonymously - hotel door unlocked, dude walks in, he's on the bed face down, ass up. Dude strips, rubbers/lubes up, shoves his cock in, fucks, cums, leaves. It was fucking perfect for me. I loved knowing that he was taking dick from dudes all over town. I fucked him often, whenever he came into town - he always emailed me so I could go first - then come back the next morning to fuck again. It was fun, and after a few times I even started barebacking him. He loved it. But, eventually he stopped visiting. Dunno why. Don't care now. Because that's how we always fucked - anon fuck and go - I kinda would get horny just thinking about it. So I did google searches. Anon fucking was pretty popular because there are thousands and thousands of videos. I'd watch whenever I was horny and I'd jack off thinking about fucking that dude in the ass. It didn't strike me that a lot of these videos were taken with hidden cameras. Or maybe I just didn't care because I was too horny watching them fuck dudes like I fucked that dude. I didn't care until I started finding videos of ME, fucking that dude. Not one video. Dozens of videos. Every time I pounded that dude in the ass he was recording it. My face, body, cock, everything was in full views in DOZENS of videos. Me coming in through his unlocked door. Me stripping my clothes off and asking how many guys were gonna fuck him. Me, lubing my cock and his asshole up. Me shoving my cock into him and fucking him - mostly RAW except for the couple times I fucked him. Me, grunting and moaning and looking down at my cock going in and out of his asshole. Me, throwing my head back and pounding him hard while I nutted in his asshole. Me, getting dressed and saying thanks. Me, asking him to let me know how early I could come back to fuck him again. I live in a small southern city. My head tells me that it's unlikely anyone I know will run across these videos. Still, I relentlessly search for them. I contact the websites and get them taken down. I'll go for months without finding any, then they'll start to crop up again. I have no idea who the guy was, his name, nothing. I don't know where he's from. I don't know what will happen if I ever run across him again. After all this however, I still feed dudes my dick. WTF is wrong with me?

1 year ago

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