I don’t have anyone to share with. I don’t have any friends of my own except for some people I play games online with. I’m really proud of myself and have no one to recognize how far I’ve come. I love my parents they raised me so well. I inherited their attitudes and hard work and determination. I started from nothing financially and am 32 years old with a half paid off two story brick home with a pool and central air and a 220 foot yard. I have two cars in the driveway a nice one for my wife and one for me but both are paid off completely. I have broken my body and spirit to get here, but I have gotten our family the typical middle class setup. My step son loves me and I give him attention and support that I know his real father doesn’t. Tonight they're all safely in bed sleeping contently after watching a movie together on our big tv and fantastic sound system. I still eat whatever is left in the fridge for lunch every day. I told my wife for years I prefer dark meat just because I know she prefers the light. I’ve sacrificed a lot, but feel satisfied and proud. I’m whiskey drunk on a Friday night in the comfort of my own castle or so it feels. I’m sure there’s a lot of sad shares on this site. My heart goes out to you all, this life is hard. I just feel proud to have accomplished what I have, but also wish I had some friends to share it with. I’ll work on that soon, if I can still do it. Maybe no one will ever read this, but it felt good to write. My cats love me. I love my life. I have life insurance that would pay for absolutely everything and my wife would likely not have to work more then a part time job only if she felt like it. I would never want to be a multi millionaire, I’d feel too guilty. I hate money, I hate that I’ve worked so hard to get it, but I’m so pleased that I’ve made enough to provide my wife and stepson the kind of life that my parents ya could provide me. It is sort of killing me, but I’ll endure. I sometimes feel like I’ll be the last of my generation to make it to middle class starting from scratch. Sorry for the ramble. Goodnight all.

2 years ago

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