My friend is a hoarder. She is trying to start a crafts business. She buys stuff from cheap places and tries to sell it for a high amount of money and its easy to see its cheaply and poorly made. Since starting this so called crafts business she has been acting like her time is more important then everyone else. I don't have a car when I'm not working so i pay her for rides and she can't even show up on time or tell me ahead of time anything. She thinks that I feel bad for her because she is in pain because she has to go to the bathroom but refuses to get up and go. I have gone and cleaned up her hoard when she was on the verge of being evicted. I'm tired of listening to her complain that it hurts and i have to pee but refuse to get up and go to the bathroom. i tell her anything about her crafts and she throws a fit. She can't afford her bills some months and i have helped with it and it drives me up the wall when she calls out to do these crafts or to go get something for a project that just sits there in the hoard. I'm tired of hearing I'm too tried after i ask her to do something after i already paid her to do it. I'm almost at the point of throwing a 5 year friendship away because of it. I start a new job in a month and I don't know if I'm going to tell her I'm going to move. Am i wrong for feeling this way like my time is valuable just like yours

1 year ago

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