Justin Bieber’s Yummy’s playing on Youtube(YT) on my TV right now. ALSO, I’m alone. I lost my: Friends- because I lost all my good friends, especially my best friend because I got distant from him. I can’t connect with him anymore. Relatives- I am a Sikh by religion and so is my family and my relatives. I cut my hair so I am afraid some of my relatives don’t want to talk to me anymore. I have to go back home so I don’t know how I will be treated. Family- I don’t talk to my brother and don’t know what conversation to make with my family anymore. It’s hard and a task to talk to them. One of my favourite songs just came up on YT (Call me by your name) Aquaintainces (not sure if I spelled it correctly- fucl you grammarly! AND google docs grammar correction. I’ll write whatever the fuckI want MOTHERFUCKER)- I feel distant from all my relatives because of covid and I haven’t spoken to them in years. I don’t know how to speak to them anymore. Another favourite song of mine (Sunflower - post malone) MOTHERFUCKING BITCH CHEATING GIRLFRIEND WHOM I LOVED MORE THAN ANYHING AND SHE MADE ME LOSE EVERYTHING BECAUSE THAT BICH CHEATED ON ME WITH HER EX BOYFRIEND. SHE TRICKED ME INTO MOVING IN WITH HER, I STAYED WITH HER FOR 2 YEARS AND SHE CHEATED ON ME WITH HER EX EVEN THOUGH SHE LOVES ME AND I LOVED HER MORE THAN ANYHING IN THE WORLD. WHY THE FUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK WOULD SHE CHEAT ON ME. SHE TELLS ME THAT I AM THE BEST BF BUT HER HABITS DON’T CHANGE. I AM A VERY VERY VERY VERY NICE PERSON BUT SHE STILL FUCKIN CHEATED ON ME WHICH MADE ME LOSE VERYTHING- Friends, Relatives, Family, Aquuanitances, and Girlfriend P.S. I am drunk and sad AF

2 years ago

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