I think there is something seriously wrong with me but at the same time I don't. Am I in the wrong? Little bit of a back story...been having some serious issues with my boyfriend. He acts like a toddler...throws a fit when he doesn't get his way, is angry all the time even when he does get his way, he completely ignores me sometimes for days until he does want something, can't do anything for himself like laundry, fix food, clean up & the not so toddler part of this is that every other word out of his mouth is a cuss word. Here's where I think there may be something wrong with me but at the same time, not. I can't stand or stomach the thought of him touching me anymore. The thought of hugging him, kissing him & especially having sex with him is nauseating & repulsive. Every time he does touch me, I shudder like I've touched something rotten & slimy & get sick to my stomach. I have lost all interest in sex & intimacy over the last several months since this behavior of his started. This all started around 4 months ago when his actions & attitude drastically changed from loving & considerate to hateful, angry & ungrateful. Before the attitude change on his part, we had sex 3 or more times per week. Since his attitude changed, I've refused sex at all. I just can't stomach the thought of sex with him at all. Am I wrong for refusing him when he repulses me physically & even emotionally?

2 years ago

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