Hi.. I got pregnant at 18 I thought he was the one everything fine he proposed and of course I said yes we moved in and I thought my life was complete... But he wouldn’t give me the attention I knew I deserved he would fall asleep most of the time we would make love.. when I had problems or anything negative or good to tell me he would fall asleep he doesn’t remember a lot of the things I tell him but he’s a wonderful man... but I met someone and I don’t think noting of it we hanged out and things just clicked.. he knows everything I’m tell you and more he became my best friend my person I would go to my shoulder to cry and then he told me he had feelings for me and I knew I did to but I couldn’t because I was married and I have a 3 year old.. I backed off but not even a month we talked just as friends at least that’s what I thought and I ended up confessing my feelings to him and I knew it was wrong so backed off again and the same thing repeated and we backed off again.. I didn’t know what pain was especially when it came from love.... we stared taking again we knew we had to keep our feelings to ourself so we did he moved to another state just for a little I hope.. we talked everyday it was the highlight of my day he makes me laugh when I’m sad he does everything I know I deserve.. but it happen again we couldn’t hide the way we felt so I told everything how I felt how every morning he is my first thought how every little thing I see I think of him he is on my mind 24/7 I love it but I hate it because I can’t be with him I just wish i knew what to do... I wish I could escape and go with him I wish I knew my life with him, I want to go with him but I know I can’t. My daughter doesn’t deserve a broken family I’m trying to be okay but it feeling like I will never be I just wish I knew what to do l.... someone tell me any advice

2 years ago

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