my boyfriend and i have been together for 3 years almost 4 and i’ve become aware that i may be unhappy. for christmas i asked for a promise ring from walmart okay walmart and it was $150 which isn’t really all that much considering this would have been my first present from him EVER. and when i say that i mean it. he has never gotten me anything that i haven’t had to pay him back for. even prom, i paid for everything and he was working a full time job while i worked part time and was in school. long story to shorter; he got me the necklace of the ring i wanted and told me i could return it for the ring if i “want”. and me being upset AS I SHOULD, said that i loved it but was expecting the ring (he had also taken a picture of it when i showed him and i saw it in his phone) but he said he got me “the next best thing”. we fought about it for a while because i told him i was expecting the ring and it just kind of hurts because he promised me one on our one AND two years and was the one who got me into them and the meaning of them. i eventually just stopped bringing up the promise ring and put the necklace on, a month went by and he still hasn’t said anything about it. i finally get tired of waiting and ask him if he notices that i wear it everyday and he says “yeah i saw it”. four months go by and it breaks, i kept the box and he lost the receipt but i called all the walmart’s and asked if i could exchange it since the chain broke on one side.. we finally go there and they just straight up return his money and take the necklace and say nothing when i ask about exchanging it other than “i can’t do that all in one transaction” so we waited and the bitch just stared at us and said she didn’t know how to. didn’t call for help just sent us on our way. now i don’t have the only gift he’s ever gotten me and he has no plan of getting me a new necklace or present. i’m grateful for him but i have never received a gift from him and i’ve always showered him with the things he wants right then and there. i feel like maybe i’m just being used now. not for money so much but for financial backup and a “mom”, considering he does NO cleaning cooking or laundry. he won’t even microwave his own food if i’m gone.. i’m not sure what to do at this point.

2 years ago

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