Jenny, I’ve realized I love you not only as my friend but something much deeper. When I first came to the clinic and started physical therapy I never would’ve imagined you would change my life so much simply by being yourself and letting me discover who I was without judgment like so many others before. You’ve seen scars no one else knows of and you only hug me tighter even though you know I hate being weak in front of you no one has seen my tears except you and no one has ever shown me what unconditional love meant until you showed me. You’ve given me the ability to walk and proved to me that despite practicality level anything I want to do is possible no matter what anyone else thinks. I never meant to fall in love with you but I did in spite of the complication of you being my PT and your 27 to my 24 but I love you and you’ll never know. and if by some stroke of fact that you do find out someday I hope you will forgive me. I don’t expect nor assume that you would ever feel the same for me and if you don’t, I understand and know that I’ll ever only want your happiness. I know that one day you’ll show up to our session with a gold band on your finger and I’ll know then even the fantasy of us together is gone. And while that will hurt me, I hope the person you marry will love you fully and completely I hope they appreciate your positive view on the world and take you to the renaissance fairs you love so much. I hope they love your mismatched cartoon socks as much as I do or the way you sing under your breath when you think no one is watching. But more than anything else I hope the person that you marry see’s just how special you are and reminds you every day so you never doubt yourself again. But more than anything I want to thank you. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t in myself. thank you for the 4 years of your life I got to spend with you and most of all thank you for showing me a glimpse of the woman I want to be.

1 year ago

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