Hi guys, i'm back. I wrote 3 months ago and now i'm doing better. I still have my pickleball crush. Me and Bailey don't talk as often but that's okay because I have accepted it. I know my worth now. I have met many people at pickleball and that's probably the reason I'm obsessed. My mom hates me, i heard her tell my sister that there is a line between love and hate and I'm getting to the hate side. Like how? I don't talk to you and Im not your right hand maid and now you hate me. She only uses me. She doesn't even talk to me. She makes me do everything for her, and now that Im going to work with my dad and playing pickleball she hates me for it. She said that I'm not going to be going as much anymore which makes me sad. But I know when school is over ill be going everyday. I want to go pro and she's stopping me from it. We have never had a good relationship EVER. I have tried so hard but its always the same thing. I have officially given up. I don't care anymore. I don't have anything to do, there is nothing to do. I tried so hard. Its so stressful. Yes maybe I should play pickleball 3 times a week and not 6, but when summer starts ill probably go in the morning and at night. Pickleball is my social interaction, like I'm doing online school and not in person so I don't see or talk to anyone. What do I do? Someone please help me out, I don't know what to do anymore.

2 years ago

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