Okay real talk debrief. We got serious, while they barely gave you the time of day. I flew out there to see you. They all of the sudden loved you. Of course they didnt love you while they weren't threatened by me, they didn't love you while they had their other person who probably didn't know about you, hence why this poor victims partner showed up drunk and beligerent at the hospital. They Wanted things to work out between us which was probably a lie, or some next level manipulation. So again kept in the rafters until threatened with a loss, and then after I leave they need a rebound, and there you go. Meanwhile me who picked you first, me who made you a priority, me who gave you this love and validation you spoke about wishing you had with your therapist three years ago, yes me Elly,I get iced out. I wish the two of you the best, I hope you get your kids back. I'm just sad you couldn't give me a real chance. Good luck

2 years ago

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