Daddy writes "if you want to give your kids an interesting introduction to theatre arts, this is the right group." I get it, he wants to promote his kids' initiatives. Like a good dad should. Too bad he doesn't know about the hard drugs dealing and the weed chainsmoking. About the fraudsters and the shoplifters who proudly recount their courageous escapades with the merry laughter of the entire group. And he definitely doesn't know how his child and leader of the project, being an enabler and a willing participant in a great deal of this fuckery, is going to get fucked straight in the ass by the consequences of their willful blindness once their absolute idiocy is going to culminate into people getting arrested, overdosing, with people losing their reputation in the art scene of the city. Even those who aren't active participants, even though they pretend like it's no big deal, so they'd probably deserve it just for being the worst kind of hypocrite. Mind you, we're talking about people from 18 to 30 y/o. They're not teens. I'm writing this here to remain silent. I have no intention of opening my mouth. It wouldn't be honorable of me. People need to face the consequences of their actions. I won't go to that man to tell him about what I know. He wouldn't believe me, and I'd end up making him an unknowing enabler of the whole situation. And I won't go to the police, because I'm not a fucking rat and I do not rejoice in people suffering. I'd speak up if I knew that it would bring some good, but it won't. I'm going to remain silent. When the day the whole fucking thing is going to explode I don't want to know anything about it. There are some genuinely good people amid sociopaths and anarchists. I will never like seeing them fall.

2 years ago

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