its funny, really. its funny the way my body moves when im just desperate to get rid of how it feels too much like a body. its funny how no one really understands what i mean when i say that i feel too much all at one time while also feeling so hollow that if you tapped my arm, youd hear an echo that went for miles. its funny how although i understand my brain, no one else, no matter how much they tried, could comprehend or understand it. its funny how much i see "love yourself" and "you have to find happiness in yourself before others" while the inside of my body itches and i feel so hated whenever someone leaves to go home, continue their life, start their life, leaves me on read for a minute because their hands were too wet to touch the screen after doing the dishes. this is who i am, and how i feel. if you feel the same way, im extremely sorry and i wish this upon no one. please try to remember that you are loved by someone, somewhere, whether in this lifetime or the next. whether they are human or not. you are loved, you are needed in some way; even if it means breathing in the oxygen that the trees release to keep on being alive. you are needed, i promise.

1 year ago

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