Yes this has to do something about drsmp, (dream smp) your an anti, don’t like it that’s fine, I’m just here to give a little rant. Dream. One of the most popular you tubers on the platform rising in fame for his trick shots and cool coding videos. Yes he cheated. Yes he gave out an apology 4 months later. He cheated so what? That’s what they all say but let me dive deeper. He cheated in a BLOCK GAME. a game people call MINECRAFT for children and teenagers. It’s a game. This so called best minecraft player cheated in his speed runs and possibly his manhunts. Yes I’m a drsmp fan btw He did those to make it more entertaining for the people who enjoy his content. It sucks sure, but seriously?? HATING him? Sending DEATH threats? FOR WHAT? All he ever wanted was to make people smile. And he does have good content with his coding ideas and chill speed run streams with his friends in vc. He is a entertaining content creator. And people hate him for it. All he ever wanted was to make other people happy. All he ever wanted was to make people smile and because of his rise to fame he gets shame for it. MASSIVE MASSIVE shame. And that’s okay if you don’t like dream!! That is an opinion and I respect it as long as YOU too are respectful. Like “hey I don’t like dream I’m not really into that stuff and I think he did shitty stuff.” That’s good that’s great that’s how people should address it but it’s “I fucking hate him he can go die with his fandom” :/ his fandom are mostly children and teenagers who are just looking for comfort. Blaming him for his fandom is a jerk move, they are mostly just depressed teenagers looking for a distraction. And most of us?? Aren’t even that bad the good part of the fandom is funny chill and amazing. It’s the weird stans that make eveyrone hate us. It sucks :( Moral of the story: don’t hate on dream for things he wanted to be better for. Or don’t interact with him at all and cause less hate. He’s a good guy who just wanted to play some minecraft with his friends

1 year ago

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