I’ve been struggling with my gender identity for years. Neither of the existing options (M, F, hermaphrodite) come close to describing me. It’s so strange… I feel left out. If I could describe my gender, it’s about 70% female, but only 30% male. I am neither fully one or the other. The exact % is fluid; it tends to change depending on the phase of the moon. I feel like both genders but neither at the same time. It’s like a void. My gender also sometimes feels connected to trees and/or chocolate. I’m not sure what that means… does it mean that my gender is a cacao tree? I have a vagina. I present as androgynous, but enjoy wearing stockings and high heels. My pronouns are ze/zem. I haven’t found anyone else who is the way I am, which makes me wonder… is my gender valid?

2 years ago

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