I feel like disappearing, poof, stop existing... And everyone's life should go on as if I had never existed. Am causing a lot of trouble and pain and frustration. Should we all have a purpose for our existence? I used to believe we do but right now nothing is making any sense. More downs than ups, more lefts than rights, more wrongs than rights, more bad than good, more negativity than positivity. The world is becoming a mess, day by day we fail and fail, succeed here and there. Try and Try for what??? You can make money today and die tomorrow, love today and die tomorrow, trust today and be hurt tomorrow, tell the truth today and lie tomorrow. All just seems useless and purposeless. We are probably wasting our time breathing in and out. The world can end, we are busy hurting and killing each other and the world we live in as well. We set it free what we love because if it comes back it was meant to be? Shouldn't it be "Hold on to what you love"? I love a person that doesn't belong to me, a world that doesn't feel like I belong in and a life that in which I don't see purpose in.

2 years ago

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