Recently was diagnosed with a scary condition that may cause me to lose my vision, or worse, on top of epilepsy. I don't know what to do anymore, it's given me constant anxiety that hinders the littlest things in my life. I feel like I can't even breathe properly and my heart is always racing. I've been told this is anxiety but I never knew it could be this scary. It controls everything in my life now and I can't even leave my home. I just wanna feel normal, I wanna be able to do normal things and not have to down pills, I wanna stop crying all the time and feel confident when I wake up that everything will be fine. I feel like I don't know how to live anymore. All of this is so overwhelming that I've actually genuinely considered killing myself. I've even resorted to actually cutting, something I never ever in my life had considered beforehand, just because I wanted to die. Does anyone have advice on how to deal with the anxiety? Should I just go to a therapist? I don't know what to do anymore.

1 year ago

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