These are just a few things that I can't get out of my head and the one that comes to mind is something that I don't understand at this moment. It just seems like when I wrote something on that site instead of getting help I got the humans that enjoy starting a fight with someone.The strange thing is that the topic was about me and they don't even know me but I think that they think they do because they started giving opinions and it seemed ridiculous to me because if they do think they know me they are wrong because they can't know me. I don't know for sure but it seemed all they cared about was how they wanted to figure me out and they didn't have to do that to help me. I don't believe that they could do that. They could of just gave their opinions without trying to figure me out. Like if it were me I would just talk about things that I know without trying to figure out the person I would be honest and upfront about how I don't know the person and then give some sort of opinion based on experience and knowledge I had. The reason I am venting about this is because I feel better and I realize that talking about this helps me to think and process everything that is going on. I understand that others aren't like me but I feel uncomfortable when others try to figure me out based on how I write things and what I write about. I mean yes, they were correct on a few things but they were wrong more than right. If knowing stuff about someone or something is all they care about then they chose the wrong person to talk to. They didn't know and I understand that and they have a right to do what they want to do. At the same time it bugs me that they want to be nosy like that and they begged me for more information and that bothers me more and they were mean because they didn't get the information. The realization of that made me scared and it made me realize that I am not safe on that site. I don't know their intentions behind their actions so I had to escape and so that is why I am not going on there anymore. I just can't go on there anymore and it isn't about anyone being mean and or what they said because I know what they said is about them and what they think is too. That goes for them being mean too and it would make me feel better if I avoid others like that and I feel safer. I am mindful and when I was reading their responses it reminded me how mindful I am. I didn't forget about it but I was more focused on other things so strongly. Mindfulness wasn't always on my mind. I just cared about being expressive with my writing. But I don't understand how my writing was taken out of context so badly. My writing isn't about anybody and that is how it was perceived. It is mind boggling how they didn't even ask questions they just assumed that I was talking about them and maybe they were guilty and took it personally. I shouldn't have to let them know. I just didn't care enough to tell them and second they should just know not to take it personally because everyone is too busy with their own lives to worry about others. It made me wonder why they thought I was talking about them. I mean I understand what I wrote was unkind and unpleasant but it wasn't really for anyone in particular. I am frustrated they thought it was. I can't wrap my mind around it. Also they got mad when I said not to read and comment but I can say and do whatever I want and these people didn't understand that but they were telling me like they were blaming me. They were saying you don't own the world and I am like thinking neither do you and you seem triggered. Something else that was said was that if I don't like the site I should leave and they were implying I wasn't happy on the site but I wasn't even talking about that I was talking about something else and they didn't even ask. Instead they misconstrued everything to the point where they upset themselves and lashed out on me through the computer. I know it is not my problem but that is upsetting to me and that is why I am venting about it to get it off my chest and not have to carry that extra burden. Someone said that I wrote the same word multiple times in my text but I did it on purpose I knew it was going to make them mad but I was trying to imitate others because I was being me and that is how I am and they got all offended. They thought I was talking about them. I think they felt guilt and they got mad. They took it out on me and it wasn't even my problem. I didn't take it personally but I did want to write this out because I am observant and I like to document everything I see in my own mind. I feel like it is necessary for now and it does entertain me because I get to go back and reread what I experienced. Not always but it is fun for me. My vents are not always how I think and for them to tell me that mine are makes me think that they do that. Why were they putting it under my posts? I think it is because they don't understand they were talking about themselves.

2 years ago

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