tw: sexual abuse, rape it started when i was four and my dad when bring over his drinking buddies. those buddies of his would constantly touch me and make me sit on their lap and shit. this lasted until i was 6 and my parents got divorced. when they got divorced everything went to shit. my dad would throw parties while i was over at his house and the men there were really bad people. i remember the first time it happened. i was coming upstairs to use the restroom and when i was about to get out a man pushed me back in there and raped me. he had told me to keep quiet and be his “good little girl.” it escalated quickly however when he brought in another friend into it. together they would take turns with me whether it was in the bathroom or in my own bedroom. they took pictures and videos of me while it was happening. all this was going on while my dad was drunk off his ass too wasted to give a shit about me. this lasted until i was ten years old with them constantly raping me every time i visited my dad. it hurt so much. i had recently just discovered all of this though. my brain locked up those traumatic events to keep me safe or something like that. i just really needed to get this off my chest so yeah :)

1 year ago

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