while i was about to get my bedsheets which is near my moms room I heard weird noices so I when closer to the door and it was coming for there, but then I heard morning it clearly was my moms by the sound of it. my mom is not a cheater for sure cuz she is very very loyal and plus I heard my dad there too, but......i have always seen her as the strict, innocent and nice mother same with my dad. to my shock they were having sex in broad daylight which is very unusual since they don't always get along all the time and they sometimes fight as well. keep in mind it was fairly low too, also to add to that i have alot of young siblings, but the worst thing of all is i feel traumatized from hearing that and now i cant see my mom the same way as i used to....... but I'm so conflicted cuz i love her at the same time and now I'm just so confused cuz this has never happened to me. what should i do?

2 years ago

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