haha.. damn i do, i love my son, i hate only seeing him every other weekend.. hopefully this shit ends soon. he's about to be 7, he pointed at a dollar bill and goes "geoooooooge washingtonnn" im like good job buddy! how did did you know that? "well.. i looked at the picture.. and i know how to read so... it said washington" LOL and he's like "what's on the back of all these?" i said well buddy, the 20 is the white house, thats where the president lives.. the 10 is the treasury.. thats where they print the money at. the 5 is where abraham lincoln's statue's building is.. and the 1........ well... this is the bald eagle american presidential seal.. the other side.. you're too young to understand LOLOLOL (the all seeing eye on the pyramid.. novus ordo seclorum) he cant unpack all that yet LOL

1 year ago

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