Last year there was a girl in my class and at first I didn't interact with her much cuz my "friends" said was weird. But slowly i started to talk with her more, pay attention to the things she did and what she liked and disliked and we became closer. My friends thought it was weird that all of a sudden I was friends with this girl but honestly i felt like i could be myself around her. she started getting me into new different stuff that I truly enjoyed. Apparently she was all I talked b=about to my online best friend and one day he came out and told me i had a crush on her. I obviously denied it, but the next time I saw her..Godamn she looked SO pretty and I started wanting to be closer to her and to be her partner in things and eventually I realised, I was in Love with her. eventually I asked her if she liked girls and she said no which honestly broke my heart. It's been a year of off and on getting over her and then her saying one little thing to me and the feelings come rushing back. I have so much love to give and its breaking me. so Nyah if u ever see this, you are the most extroidinary person I have ever met but sometimes I wish I hadn't.

2 years ago

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