Empty Looking up at the light It barely touches me I can see the life at the surface Bright and hopeful But I’m sinking further Into the darkness The life I once knew Doesn’t feel like it was mine Maybe I didn’t know better Maybe the world got me down But I don’t feel like me I don’t know the person I once was I barely remember her But I remember her happiness The sadness always passed But it doesn’t feel like it’s passing They were my crutch At the same time my enemy Never trusting but always wanting I can’t continue like this But facing myself is the hard way And my inner demon is pulling me Strip down to nothing Build me back up How I want to Not how I’m told to Create myself because I WANT TO Created in my image Not some hidden entity I’ll create a body and a mind That doesn’t have two sides That are always at odds One body and one mind That isn’t perfect but is mine That has inner peace And doesn’t feel empty

2 years ago

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