idk anymore, i try to make online friends but they end up leaving me for some reason. they keep making groupchats without me, and facetime without me. it hurts. i only have one best friend and i love her to death but because of covid i cant see her. im always lonely and self concious. im so insecure about my body, "youre a twig" "eat more, here eat my food too" why dont you understand that i get full fast, and if i force myself to eat them i feel like im gonna throw up. school is killing me, got a 30/50 on my history test today, and i have a bunch of missing assignments. my siblings keep making me ate myself more and more by the day. im skinny but its the underweight kind of skinny. im pretty but i have acne so it makes me look weird. i get yelled at for playing video games, i grew up with boys and video games so its hard for me to let go of that. i want a nose piercing so bad but my mom wont let me. i wanna cut my hair but i know ill regret it later on. anyways, have a nice days, love u <3

2 years ago

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