The moment she stepped into my life during elementary school was magical. She was, and still is, beautiful and I envied her. But we became best friends and soon became inseparable, we were closer together than anyone else. That envy soon became admiration then love. It's been a long time since then, but I still love her. We both like girls and so I thought I had a chance after all these years of sleepovers, hard times, and our most iconic moments. But one day, she met an online friend and they basically fell in love. She has a massive crush on them and they even have matching usernames on our favorite video game. Her friend obviously likes her back, and now my hopes are crushed*. I love her so much, and now soon they're going to become official... *refer to the other post that starts with: "Honestly, mine isn't serious but I really love my best friend-"

2 years ago

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