i’ve always been the youngest. my older sister is only 2 years older than me. i still live with her and since she’s older she’s allowed to “abuse me”. everyday she’s constantly shoving, kicking, punching, pinching and hitting me and since i’m the younger sister i of course have to tell my parents that she literally punched me as hard as she can JUST because i TOUCHED HER THE SLIGHTEST, and here are my parents responses “you’re fine” “you probably deserved it” “you’re not supposed to touch her” “you know she will hit you back harder” and by these responses, you can tell they don’t care but they still say “if anything is bothering you, tell me” my parents are literally no help at all, all they care about is my stupid 14 year old sister. i literally don’t care that i’m 12 shut up i just obviously have nobody to vent to because my parents literally don’t give a single fuck about me. i’ve felt like a failure because of them for the past 4 years of my damn life. i’ve been suicidal since i was fucking 8 years old, and you may ask why i’m still living, it because if my white and orange tabby cat, yes i said CAT. and my cat doesn’t even KNOW that he is the only reason why i’m still here and why i didn’t actually end up leaving this earth for good. i don’t know if anyone is actually reading this but i really needed this off of my chest.

2 years ago

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