hey everyone. i started dating a guy from a different religious background and it's been bothering me since. For us to be allowed together, he has to convert to my religion. We discussed it far before we started dating and he willingly told me not to worry as he will do anything, even convert, to be with me. dating him alone is a sin but I have a feeling I can't miss my chance with someone that I have great chemistry with. my parents believe we are friends only, because if they knew, it wont be good. I secretly plan his birthday gifts, vday gifts and whatnot and always lie to my parents about going to be with my bestfriend. I am highly upset that they dont allow me to choose what I want, or give us the chance to get to know eachother properly. Im tired of lying but this is the only way I can be with someone who my gut is feeling good about. What should I do?

2 years ago

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