Rental Scam 4818 Village Sq NW, Acworth, GA 30102-3464, United States I rented a room from this women and due to a medical emergency for my already diagnose illness I had to go home to seek immediate help. When my mother got in contact with her she told her she can pay January’s rent and I needed to move out and get my belongings. The women said no demanded $5,000 and told my mother if she came to retrieve my property that she owns a firearm. This women told me she was a traveling nurse and worked with KSU student home insecurity program as a social worker. I should have done a background check because her linkin says she is just a traveling spa therapist. It’s been since January I’ve been trying to get in contact with her to get my stuff back before my spring classes started, and she refused to answer the phone she only emailed me demanding $5,000, and she deleted our lease agreement that she had on a Document Share site. While I was in the hospital she texted my mother in February saying she’s not giving my stuff back because I’m a homeless drug addicted with no job that she took in. I literally work at a restaurant job severing (she knew this before hand) and I have toxicology reports for the 4 times I went to the hospital before and after moving out so I have no clue what this women is talking about. She just wanted to keep my stuff. I do not do drugs I’m a criminal justice major. I contacted a lawyer to sue her in small claims and she hasn’t contacted anyone. My lawyer is saying this is now criminal actions. Now we are trying to get the police involved. She still has my laptop, personal belongings, clothes, etc. I work so hard for my stuff as a full time university student. Like a social worker/nurse that does this to college students? I recently saw she is advertising again to grad students now on Facebook she uses a backup account to list as NG but her name is Nacole Grider or Nacole’s luxury travel spa. If you see this women or her listing please stay far away from her! I contacted KSU to let them also be aware of the situation. She does not work for the CARES program as a social worker.

2 years ago

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