I have an ex let's call him Marsh. Recently I have realised I am not over him at all and I miss him like hell, I dont get why I cant stop loving him. He has stopped loving me and had a gf but they broke up and when I found out I felt happy but I know I shouldn't off. But now he has a new gf and I couldnt help but cry when I found out, I dont understand why he wont leave my head or heart. Marsh I do have something to say to you though and when you realise it's about you, you will probably block me again and be mad or whatever but I still wanna say it. Thank you marsh for everything you ever did for me, you made me the happiest I had been in years and I do miss us and pir relationship but I know it will never happen again and I dont think you miss me but lord I miss you, everytime you have argued with me after we broke up it legit fucked with me so much and I told everyone I had moved on but here I am god knows how many months later still missing you like crazy. Also stitch says hi 😅 that's gonna give it away to him but I dont care at this point I wanted to get all of this off my chest

2 years ago

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