Useless rant: No that's not plastic surgery.

I like Bella Poarch. Why? Because I like her. That's no good reason, but I don't owe anyone any good reasons as to why I appreciate someone. That said, there are lots of people screaming "plastic surgery". She's "too" cute, so she must have done some form of surgical intervention. Does anyone have any proof? No, no one does. They just compare old pics with new ones. So, how does it make sense to compare someone's picture from when they were 14, overweight, without makeup, and quite evidently malnourished and bloated, with pics from now? They say she did her nose. I mean... go on YT and search "Bella Poarch Vogue" and just fucking take a look at it. Does that nose look like something that came out of surgery? It's a round nose with big nostrils. That isn't something a surgeon would have allowed to come out of any hospital room. And you use the picture from when she was an overweight, bloated 16 y/o as proof? You have to explain the following: With what money did she pay for the multiple surgeries she's allegedly undergone if she had barely started earning any money at all? When did she do it? Do you know it takes months for things to set right? Do you think the navy would have allowed her to stop training for that reason? If your explanation is "she's an industry plant" I must tell you that you're reaching a whole new level of delusion. Be realistic, put yourself on the shoes of a millionaire producer: who would bet on an unassuming Filipina girl who's overweight, veeeeery short, doesn't show any interest in style and fame, who's showing no concern for physical appearance, and the only thing going for her is a nice voice? Dua Lipa is an "industry plant", if it means anything at all. She's tall, conventionally beautiful, and she worked as a model ever since she was young. THAT's a safe bet for a producer. To all the people complaining about her for no good reason: maybe if you started caring about losing weight and getting fit, and substituted trash foods with a good diet, you'd also be a thousand times more attractive. That's not the normal state of the human body, y'know? You're just a lazy fuck who can't comprehend that if you look like shit that's almost entirely on you. I don't care about "defending" celebs. I'm disgusted and annoyed at the normal person's insane amounts of envy and shallowness. I'm entirely convinced that the normal human being has no empathy at all. And since this website is for this kind of useless rants, and I'm not going to waste my journal for this bullshit, I'm going to take advantage of it and I will vomit my minor annoyance right here.

1 year ago

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