TW: rape When I was 19 I was casually sleeping with a guy - we tried dating but it didn't work out. There was one time where I clearly said no I wasn't interested and told him to stop. He forced himself on me and forced me to do anal. I tried to tell my mom afterwards and she told me it's not rape because I was sleeping with him and called me a whore. I'm 36 now and still can't have sex. I try, but I can't get in the mood which means it's dry and hurts. I cry and bleed everytime I try to have sex. My boyfriend wants to have a polyamorous relationship so he can get that need fulfilled and not feel like he's cheating on me. I know he wouldn't push it if I say no, but I feel like it's unreasonable for me to ask him to give up regular, enjoyable, sex. Should I give it a try even though I'm self-conscious that he'll end up liking the new girl more than me?

1 year ago

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