I’m going into freshman year in less than a month I’m already loosing my friends I got worst at my sport I play I have no one to talk to I don’t know how to tell somebody I lost feelings I can’t come out as bisexual to my parents or as non-binary life is so hard lately and I hate it it’s like I’m a robot that has a emotions on or off bottom and when they are on its all stress anxiety and sadness I can’t talk to people and I can’t look at my skin without seeing marks so I can’t feel beautiful and even if I did I have a brother that would be there putting me down while my sisters laughing along with him my parents don’t give a crap about anything unless I’m making them look good I just want to leave this horrible world no one here is perfect this place is ugly and people make it so much worst than it needs to be. I wish I wasn’t somebody like that either but i know already that I took a part even if it was sooo small that I can’t remember I’m a liar I’m a sinner I’m somebody who can’t be happy and when they are everybody tells them to shut up or I’m being be annoying it’s like I need permission I’m glad I have one friend and my happy place is with them or a thrift store I hate life and I wish I was dead already COVID made a horrible impact it made depression anxiety and me being anti social way worst but my parents don’t care they only care about my brother is litteraly hits me and my sibilngs like a abusive parent would (sorry to anybody who takes that offensive)

1 year ago

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