This sounds selfish of me, But im asking for donations. Im about to be 17 and im struggling with Anixity,Depression and suicidal thoughts. Ive dropped out of school before corona started due to the fact im scared around people and i felt like ive been being watched and judged 24/7, It left me in a paralyzed state once where i missed my bus due to so many people crowded by the doors. Im 16 and i really want a job but i feel inhumane i won't know what to do, im really not good around people, Its hard finding a job too no one would wanna hire a person like me to begin with, Im very unhealthy i overeat alot and do nothing all day. Ive always dream as a kid that i would be beautiful and have lots of friends and have best highschool experience, Get my drivers license, Go to college meet amazeing roomates. But none of that has happened i never gotten any friends I feel hated, all i do is sit on the couch all day playing video games, I do not care to change whats ugly about me but i know i am, i truely hate myself and its too late to change everything. The main reason i want donations is because i cannot get a touch screen draw pad, i feel like the one thing im good at is art, ived loved Art,science and nature all my life, I was gonna use the money to buy flower seeds and a touch pad to improve my art because working on a phone is tricky sometimes and it's more effort. I feel like becoming a digital,real, Artist would be a good job for me, i wont have to deal with people and i was hoping the Planting hobby would teach me to be more confident in myself because if i could take care of those flowers i could take care of myself. But as i said Im 16, I might be rushing my life too fast because i truely want it to be over. i don't even know how donations work or how to receive them. I think ima just cry myself to sleep tonight im not ready for the morning.

2 years ago

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