Sometimes, I feel like people don’t appreciate me enough. I know I shouldn’t feel that way..I know..but sometimes it hurts when you did everything for them,helped lift their sorrows, ease the weight on their shoulders, listening to them etc..and it hurts me even more when I realise that I’m no one’s first choice..even the people closest to me..I’m never anyone’s first choice..I’m sorry but I thought this sadness of mine went away last year. I don’t have any right to be sad; I have great friends, a nice family, my parents are still together, I’m not homeless nor bankrupt. I put too much faith in the people around me, I hurt myself..I should’ve put hope,trust,my faith in GOD. I’m trying to..I really am..I want to be better and free and happy..I hope that whoever reads this..may GOD bless you and please pray for both my mental health and physical health. Thank you.

2 years ago

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