I'd Like To Find a Guy to Marry Who Would Get Castrated for Me

I saw some pics of castrated guys with erections but no balls hanging down. Just a smooth hard shaft standing erect. It looked normal if you didn't know they were supposed to have balls too. It looked natural like they never had any balls. It looked very streamlined and so sleek. I didn't know that castrated guys can get hard but now I know they can. I like the look, now that I have seen them without balls. I'd like to find a guy to marry who would get castrated for me and be like the pics I saw. His erection would be enough when I want sex and he wouldn't need balls to get in the way. He wouldn't ejaculate any wet mess to clean up and I wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant. If he really loves me then he will be castrated for me.

1 year ago

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