I hate my life. My mom is a very sad person that will show it in front of me and sometimes i feel like im the mature one. My 17 year old sister comes to me whenever my dad and mom get in a very bad fight and tells me to talk to her. (i just turned 15 in june) And I hate that its me. I hate how she cant man up and just say things to her and my stupid dad. Why dose my mom have to say to me "Im sorry he is your dad." "Im not ok" "I never planned to have kids" I was only 13 14. I was only 14 when she would cry outside and didnt have anyone because they were fighting again. I hate that its me. Why the 14 and not the 17 year old. I need to get out this house sometimes. Its too much. Knowing that every big fight they have i have to talk to them fucks with me because im just 15. This pressure should be because of a test in school. Or because i told the guy i liked him. No its because my stupid parents couldnt fucken understand each other and my dad gets the drugs in his head more than his fucken wife he has known for 20+ plus years. Its ok tho. I dont want them to feel this. They shouldnt. My younger brother is 12 and my older sister is 17. She is really smart and funny so she could make it through life. My older brother i will take care of him because he isnt fully there yet. I want to protect him. My older sister can just leave. She already left me with my mom and dad so it doesn't matter

1 year ago

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