Hello, first time doing this. Need an outlet hopefully this works. I had a lot on my mind today. I felt like I was all over the place. I have this sadness lurking behind every thought. It’s not a thought of sadness but the feeling of sadness. I just want to cry but I don’t know why? I went to work and talking to people I have this urge of sadness and I suddenly notice I’m masking a smile. I’m nice to the lady who’s been dragging her feet in front of me even though she’s clearly doing it on purpose. Random girl, gives me a mean stare and suddenly I think it’s my fault and the need to apologize. Friend is depressed snd I have to be the encouraging voice of reason. I don’t talk about anything but the activities I do. What’s really on my mind? I guess nothing. No one ever asks! Genuinely and I don’t want people to ask. What help will it be, to make myself vulnerable to someone, regardless of their relationship to me. In the end, when I Sit and thin about all these emotions, I realize they're mine, and they’re probably there because I put them there. I overthink and should just be more thankful that these people rely on me.

1 year ago

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