my friend keeps being really toxic. like she just lies about everything and she knows that i struggle to remove what’s real and what from a dream or stuff and she just lies all the time and then acts like it’s my fault if i didn’t know she was lying even when she doesn’t say if she’s lying or not and it’s really stressing me out and i don’t know how to drop her without losing all of my friends and i don’t want the rest of the people to hate me bc she’s tell everyone horrible things that aren’t even true about me bc she’s threatened to do that before and everyone in the school already hates me and i’m scared that i’ll be alone because being alone by choice is ok but i don’t want to be put into the position where everyone thinks i’m horrible because my parents don’t understand when ever i try to vent to them they just don’t get it and always say that i’m over reacting and i don’t know if i am overreacting or not but i’m so stressed out and i don’t know what to do and i just want to get this all out so yeah. she just makes me feel like i’m not worth it and when ever i talk about something i like she’s always so judgemental like saying like “why do you even like that” and shit like that and i don’t know what to do because i don’t want to be alone and i went to her to get away from somebody else who was being toxic and now i’m stuck between two toxic people with no escape from either of them and i’m so scared of being alone and of all the things that they know that i’ve told them and o don’t want the whole school to think that i’m some kind of evil bitch monster.

1 year ago

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