I’ve had not the best memory for a long time and it’s been getting worse the older I get now that I’m 15 I have a hard time with my memory like remembering what I did or getting distracted and forgetting and other stuff and I hate memory problems . I get in trouble for things i dont even remeber more

14 days ago

You don’t remember the stuff you done but you remember being told off.. maybe it’s your brains way of protecting itself as you hate being told off… you’re scared of it, that could be why….

6 days ago

It sounds like typical teenage self-absorption. It is your nature. Your body chemistry is completely fucked because of rapid changes in physiology and hormones. It’s not pleasant, but it is natural. Jerk off. You’ll feel better.

13 days ago

That's Alzheimer

14 days ago

This sounds like a vitamin deficiency to me, believe it or not there are a number of vitamin deficiencies that can cause memory problems. Your best option would be to get a blood test done by your doctor and that will show if this is indeed the case and if it is you can begin incorporating more of this vitamin into your diet or supplementing with it and your memory problems should improve in time.

14 days ago